" My enhanced mind has already seen you and devised a strategy at the speed of lightning!"-Watt
Watt is a member of the Thunder Gang. He acts as the brains of the group.


Watt looks rather eccentric. He has wild, orange hair, that sticks up into the air. he has goggles reminiscent of classic mad scientists, and is most often seen in scientist's attire consisting of gray slacks, a black shirt, black dress shoes, a red necktie, and a white lab coat.




  • Increased Intelligence Watt has an intelligence exponentially higher then a norm al human being, due to the electricity moving around in his brain. It also gives him access to psionics.
  • Psychic Abilites Watt has minor telekinesis, precognition, and telepathy.
  • Electrosense As with all Thunder Gang members, watt can sense his compatriots location at any time.
  • Staff Combat Watt often uses a staff in combat. At each end is a prong that can deliver a painful electric shock.
  • Invention Watt can easily make weapons from nearly anything, but he has to have adequate materials for the weapon to be deadly.

Super Moves

  • Thousand Watt Crush Watt uses his telekinesis to smash all rubble around him into his opponent.
  • Hand Of Zeus Watt uses his telekinesis to summon all electrical energy in the area, sometimes even from his own team members, to launch in one final, desperate thunderbolt to vanquish his foes.
  • Choke Watt uses telekinesis to lift his opponent up and crush their windpipe. It can be escaped from if he is hit during its effect
  • Gaze of Thor Watt draws electric energy from outside into his eyes with telekinesis then shoots a beam of electric energy at the opponent.


  • Like Volt and Amp, Watt is named after a unit of electricity.
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