"Volt, i need you to use your powers of... persuasion to get the information we need." -Watt
Volt is the only female member of the Thunder Gang and its lowest rated member.


Volt is a curvaceous teenage girl with large breasts, and a thin waist. She has waist length purple hair, and a pink hairband. She often wears a black, thigh-length dress and white leggings, with black heels. When sneaking, she wears a midnight blue bodysuit that is almost black, and accentuates her figure. In addition to the suit, she wears black boots with it. She wears pale pink lipstick.




  • Teleportation She can teleport in flashes of lightning, but only at a short range.
  • Hack through electrical impulses, she can force a computer to run certain commands.
  • Wire travel Volt can travel through electrical wires (but first must got through a transformer) for long distance travel.
  • Increased Speed
  • Electrosense Like all Thunder Gang members, Volt can sense her compatriot's location at any given time.

Super Moves

  • ZAP vanish Volt gives her opponent a bear hug and teleports them to a faraway or dangerous location, before teleporting back.
  • Lightning Leg Volt uses her enhanced speed to deliver a devastating, electrically charged kick to an opponents midsection, or worse, their genitals, which will often knock them out cold after the initial fry


  • Like Watt and Amp, Volt is named after a unit of electricity.
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