Timber is a King of his race and valiant warrior who travels the world in search for untold riches.

Physical Appearance

Timber resembles a tall tree-like being with a long nose, stumps on his shoulders, and antlers that are wrapped below them. He wears a brown and dark-brown medieval top, wooden wrist guards, and leg guards that are the same color as his top.


Timber is extremely polite and courteous, especially to ladies. He is also bombastic and over-dramatic. He also tends to take metaphors and figures of speech all too literally. Although he can be naïve and foolish, he is still truly brave and honorable all the same. He speaks in a heavy medieval English accent and is very week against fire-based attacks. When a certain team had found him, they took interest in his unique abilities and he accepted their offer to recruit him.


  • Nature's Fury Thrusts his sword onto the ground, making trees rapidly grow and fall on top of his enemies
  • Surveillance seeds Sprouts pollen-like seeds from his antlers and sends them to unveil information
  • Swordsmanship He is very skilled with his sword
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