The Elementals is a hero group that is made up of 9 and 10 year-olds trying to get stronger and help stop evil villains. They are hoping to become a famous hero group one day. Luna thought they should be called "The Elementals" because all of her friends have some sort of element. (Fire, Water, Nature, Dark, Light) Everyone agreed on this team name.


Each person has a specific color sceam (Purple and black for Luna/Nightmare. Black,red,yellow,and orange for Adara. Blue and white for Brooklyn. Green and brown for Katelyn. Yellow and white for Lucy.) that is based off of what there element is.


After K.O gave his speech about teamwork, Luna felt inspired to be a great hero, but she thought "When Luna, Lucy, Brooklyn, Adara, and Katelyn first got their own Pow Cards, They wanted to be one of the most famous hero teams of their time. (not done)

Combo Moves

Combo Moves are special moves that people can use when they combine their powers.

  • Midnight Explosion

When Adara and Lucy/Nightmare use their flame and shadow control, they can create a explosion of fire and darkness.

  • Venomus Splash

When Brooklyn and Katelyn combine their powers, They can create a poison liquid that is toxic to any creature that touches it.

  • Heat Tsunami

When Brooklyn and Adara combie powers, They can make a heat wave that is very hot and can even melt some objects

  • Shadow Storm

When Luna/Nightmare and Brooklyn combine powers they make a storm of darkness makes shadow illusions that attack their enemy. The enemy can not hurt these minions but they only last as long as the power move.

  • Aurora Ray

When Luna/Nightmare and Lucy combine powers, They make a ray of light that can control weak-minded enemys. They will stay under their control until they ask otherwise or until they die. When they do the bodys will desinagrate in to ashes.

(more to be added)

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