Substitute Zero is an ice-themed supervillain and a substitute teacher at Original County Public School and old friend of Miss Quantum.

Physical Appearance

He seems like a human whose body is half frozen in ice, on his left arm and head. His torso and right arm resemble mechanical armor. His legs and shoes are the only remaining human traits he has maintained. He also wears glasses.


Substitute Zero is very cold-hearted and antagonistic but also calculating. He is beyond emotion as a result of being half-frozen in ice. He often acts very calm and collected, even in times of jeopardy or stress. However, this manner would break whenever he's in an extremely hot climate. He also has little to no concern for anybody around him whether it'd be hero, villain, man, woman, or child.


  • Cold Shoulder His icy left arm can blast a blizzard at his enemies and freeze them in an instant
  • Genius-level Intellect He is shown to be very intelligent and professional in the fields of cryogenics and medical science
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