Speedy is technically not an employee of Gar's Bodega. He works at Haitatsu hīrō, a global delivery service that specializes in deliveries to heroes and their allies. Gar uses their services for the bodega's deliveries, which is how Speedy met KO, Rad, and Enid.

As his name implies, Speedy is a ninja. He is never seen without at least five shurikens and his Muramasa katana.


Speedy wears a black long sleeve shirt and black pants. Whenever he gets into a fight he pulls his collar over his mouth like a mask.


Speedy is...well, speedy. He once bragged to Rad that he had broke the sound barrier, whether this is true or not is debatable. What is known to be true is that he can get almost anywhere in the world in 15 minutes or less. He also seems to know a variety of super moves.

He is proficient with his katana and Shruikens.


  • He is HEAVILY inspired by Sonic Speed-o-Sound from One Punch Man, as they are both ninjas with superhuman speed and are braggarts.
    • The main difference between the two is that Speedy is a hero, while Sonic is an assasin
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