Socket is a slow-witted blobby pickle who's been traveling as Ratchet's sidekick and muscle.

Physical Appearance

Socket looks like a pudgy 9 ft. turquoise pickle with light bumps all over him with blobby arms and two toes on each foot. His only clothing is a teal bandana.


Socket is a creature of very few words as his speech is usually in two word sentences. He's usually very gentle and warm-hearted, displaying kindness towards innocent life. His child-like personality often causes him to be distracted and simple-minded and he tends to not listen to plans and goes off to tackle threats on his own. Despite being very heavy and not at all bright, he is very loyal to those he deems closest to him. However, he can also be merciless and savagely brutal towards his enemies, especially if they threaten his friends. He's also very ticklish.


  • Belly-flop Jumps in the air and lands front-first on his opponents
  • Body slam Rockets himself at his foes and uses his weight to ram them into a wall
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