"I am all that you are not, Virtue. Hate, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth. All of that is me."-Sin
Sin is the incarnation of all evil within the universe of OK KO.His counterpart is Virtue.


Sin's preferred form is a black entity of humanoid biological stricture, clad in purple pants, a red vest, and a golden belt. He has piercing red eyes, white sharp, venomous fangs, horns, and a tail with a point at the end.


Sin is cunning, conniving, deceitful, manipulative, cruel sadistic, and all other evil traits.


  • Energy Projection
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Teleportation
  • Flight
  • Evil Affinity Sin will raise the POW CARD level pf any villain he's nearby, boosting their abilities. He will do the opposite to heroes.
  • Shape-shifting
  • Corruption Sin will slowly corrupt someone who is not already evil. those that are pure of heart are immune.
  • Regeneration (will not work if he is hit by Virtue.)
  • Power Level Changing Sin can change his power level at will, just like Virtue, however he is limited to negative numbers.(he will always be villainous, in short)
  • Negative Emotion Affinity
  • Undo Good Sin can undo Virtue's good actions, just as Virtue can undo his.

Super Moves

  • Death Bang Sin expels a blast of blue energy from his knuckles, that acts like a shotgun blast
  • Execution! Syn slices his hand through a target's neck.
  • Wrath Ball Sin conjures a ball of red energy that will destroy whatever is unfortunate enough to be hit by it.
  • You're Nothing To Me! Syn flicks the target. if they have a lower power level, they will be sent flying at ridiculous speeds.
  • Lucifer's Fury Sin summons meteors down to rain upon his enemies.
  • Hellfire Hurricane Sin spins around as he summons burning orange energy into his hands. He fires numerous blasts as he spins.
  • Doom Canon Sin fires an enormous purple energy beam out of his mouth. it is capable of vaporizing the moon.
  • Torture Ribbons Sin fires beams from his eyes that turn into bindings, wrapping around his opponent and slowly crushing their organs.
  • Portal To The Dark Place Sin trap's his opponent inside a void of nothingness.
  • Dark Ripple a defensive move where Sin sends a ripple of energy out from his body, sending any people with good karma flying.
  • Begone! Sin grabs his opponent, choking the life out of them as he raises them upward, before shooting them through the head with an energy beam from his eyes.
  • Hateful Bomb Sin taps his opponent, and then snaps his fingers, detonating the opponent.
  • All Evil Sin's final maneuver, which destroys him, but corrupts the entire planet. Can be canceled by Virtue's Judgement Day
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