This group was literally made for family gathering purposes. They have no goal... well, occasionally they do have goals and other purposes, but they are mostly accomplished by one of the younger members, Lutia. Shawn and Arian just spend all their time on endless honeymoons, while Liam watches Lutia do all the work. The team name was an idea from Shawn... blame him for the bad pun.


The family sometimes get together to defeat common enemies. Usually, Arian, Liam and Shawn sits by and watches Lutia do all the fighting. Liam even gets to piggyback on top of Shawn. Such savages.

Lutia doesn’t seem to mind doing everything, being a grown adult who claims to be mature.

...the present Arian is very confused about the existence of this group. Future Arian doesn’t mind letting her help with things though.

(by the way, everyone secretly regrets allowing Shawn to register the group with such a group name)


It was a normal family gathering night, where Shawn was bragging to Lutia and Liam about how much fun he had together with future Arian on their honeymoon until... he said, “hey, I have a pun!” And went off to register a group. Yeah, he registered this group just to make a pun. What a felon.

Here's a bit of stuff on the family: future Arian travelled in time to the present, and Shawn was in a bush, and future Arian fell onto Shawn, and they love each other, so they got kids, and they left the kids in the present and went on a honeymoon in the future, and the kids are living in the present, cleaning up the mess the two left behind.

Combo moves

... They don’t really have any. They just do whatever they can in battles (aka let Lutia solve everything).


(please don’t tell me you get this joke)

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