Rip and Zip, collectively known as the Fraudricson Brothers, are twin brother tricksters who travel together from town to town, cheating in games of chance for money and tricking people into buying their wares, which are usually shams.

Physical Appearance

Both Rip and Zip Fraudricson wear red-and-white striped vests overtop their long-sleeve white polo's, tan pants, brown shoes, and red bow-ties, making them look like carnival employees. They have fair-skin tones. Rip has more wild brown hair while Zip's brown hair is more combed.


As their last names Fraudricson imply, they're con artists ready to swindle and cheat the pants out of anybody they come across. They could care less who they cheat and swindle, as long as they get the money when doing it. They both tend to be overconfident and cowardly as they often flee from raging crowds when they discover their trickery.


  • Showmanship Known for being charming and disorienting, they dazzle and confuse people, so they can shake your hand while they're stealing your wallet.
  • Manipulation These two are very cunning con-artists and come up with various scamming ideas
  • Loaded dice One of their gambling tools that are actually used as grenades
  • Black-Jack-Attack Another gambling tactic turned fighting tactic in which they use playing cards like ninja stars
  • Rip-off Enter Rip Fraudricson uses one half of a crystal to open portals to allow him and his brother to enter locations
  • Zip-off Exit Zip Fraudricson uses the other half of a crystal to close portals to protect him and his brother from angry mobs.
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