Orchestrife is a music-sheet that got possessed by a dark magical spell and given the ability to control others through song.

Physical Appearance

Orchestrife looks like a floating backwords bar-line. He has 2 eight-notes with yellow pupils for eyes, two whole-notes underneath to look like nostrils, an accent for a goatee, a dublet for a mustache, and half-alto-clefs for ears.


Orchestrife is a chaotic embodiment of music with sociopathic tendencies. He's also cunning and manipulative. Though he mostly sings in his sentences, he does talk normally sometimes.


  • Hypnotism via song He is mainly known for gaining power over those around him with his malevolent music, even making them sing and dance uncontrollably.
  • Troubling Treble-Clef Orchestrife uses a treble-clef like a sword.
  • Melodemonium This is a power in which Orchestrife sings his evil tunes while musical notes rain down from the sky.
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