Nightmare is the sad/angry version of Luna.

Physical Appearance

Nightmare looks the same as Luna but has different clothes. She has very long spiky white hair with purple tips. Her hair will always go over one of her eyes. She has very light skin. She wears black legging and A black and purple sweatshirt. She has sharp teeth and one of them stick out. Nightmare has 3 long eyelashes on the top of her eyes. She has purple colored eye shadow on.


Nightmare is the basicly the opposite of Luna: an unhappy, selfish, and angry person. Nightmare doesn't care about other people other than Luna and her friends. Nightmare will ignore others when they're trying to talk to her. Nightmare doesn't care about hurting others unless it hurts Luna or her friends. Nightmare hates complements, because it makes him feel like people are paying attention to her, Which she hates being noticed. Nightmare and Luna are best friends and would do anything for each other. She also likes to work with Turbo K.O. because they are alike in many ways and often hangout.


Nightmare has almost the same abilities as Luna but stronger.

  • Night vision Nightmare can see perfectly in darkness and can choose when to activate this ability (her eyes become black with white irises when she uses it).
  • Flight Nightmare can summon dark, shadowy wings from her back that alow her to fly.
  • Enhanced Reflexes/Speed: Nightmare is fast and agile so she can dodge attacks easyily. (less then Luna)
  • Enhanced Strength Nightmare can shatter solid stone with her bare fist. She is able to carry very heavy objects and through them far distances.
  • Spin Dash Nightmare can rapidly roll into a ball-like shape to attack enemies.
  • Invisiblity Nightmare can go almost completely invisible in very dark places.
  • Shadow Controlling NIghtmare can control darkness and shadows. She can use this to create an area of darkness where she can turn invisible.
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