Mikayla is a robot created by Lord Boxman. She made her first appearance in We've Got Fleas.

Physical Appearance

Mikayla is yellow, has two white claws on each of her four yellow paws, has greenish yellow legs, sharp pink stegosaurus-like spikes on her back, a yellow tail that is an electrical cord, a toothy grin in the shape of the letter v, and white semicircle eyes that have black pupils, the same color as her brothers Ernesto, Darrell and Jethro. She is described as something like a lizard/monkey/big cat/scorpion chimera.


Mikayla is known to be animalistic. She walks on all fours and so far is only able to say her first name, like her brother Jethro. However, unlike Jethro, she also communicates through grunts, whimpers, moans and other animalistic noises.

Despite her feral appearance, Mikayla is kind and courteous when acting on her personal time and enjoys hobbies such as creating costumes, as shown in We've Got Fleas. This episode also showed us that Mikayla secretly wants to be a human, and hangs out at conventions where anthropomorphic animals dressed up like humans.


Mikayla is swift and agile, similar to a wild animal. She has been seen to be clever, as she was able to manipulate Rad's levitation beam by thrashing in an unpredictable manner. Her claws are also incredibly sharp and can be used swiftly. She can use her electric plug tail to shock, like a scorpion.

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