Max's appearance consists of white and yellowish brown and dark brown stripes. Likewise, his left eye is white. Unlike his siblings, Max's whole left eye occasionally glows white light instead of having a small red glow.

He has bright pink cheeks and eyelashes on his right eye. He dons a pair of round black glasses and has an abacus.


Max is a child-like robot. He is the most cool-headed in the group and appears to be the most intelligent as well, seemingly remaining calm whenever the other cubs are shocked, and analyzes the situations. However, despite this, he is neither mature nor docile, and he has a horrible mouth similar to Blitz. He is somewhat aggressive and tends to call others stupid.

With a calm nature, he acts like the straight man of a double act stand-up comedy and provides snark to the group's dynamic. He tends to be the one correcting his siblings whenever they say something nonsensical and is sometimes annoyed by them. Whenever his siblings talk their usual nonsense, he tends to intervene by continuing "...more importantly".

Being a villain, he enjoys winning, though he acts more calm about it than overly excited Blitz. In general, he also appears interested in money and success, and doesn't seem to get as emotional as the other cubs. He dislikes heartfelt moments and doesn't seem to care much about others, even calling his father useless at one point. Moreover, he approves of hostility and infighting among the group, believing that the Boxcubs should be "awkward and unsociable" and insisting that they should be scary and nasty.

While generally appearing smarter than the other cubs, Max might show-off (as his siblings put it) and accidentally slip out. He is also known to be very impatient whenever he feels cranky.


  • "Y'know, for a hero...your reaction to us was pretty boring."
  • "No, no, Blitz. You're sayin' 'heck' too much. It's ruining the heckish impact!
  • "Don't worry about us. The real issue is you villains. Well, 'issue' is putting it mildly...This is actually a huge problem."
  • "Who'd wanna fight a battle where no one loses!?"
  • "Well, I think the threatening vibe we Boxcubs give off is perfect. Cuz we're a team of scary villains who are gonna drag you down to death!"
  • "Shut up! We're the Boxcubs! We need to be tough and whatnot!"
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