Physical Appearance

Luna is girl with very long spiky white hair with purple tips. She has very light skin. She wears a long sleeved purple shirt with a black heart in the middle. She has a black skirt with purple leggings. She has sharp teeth and one of them stick out. Luna has 3 long eyelashes on the corner of her eyes. She has purple colored eye shadow on. She is very short for her age.


Luna is a shy and quite girl but she can be very sarcastic at times. She doesn't like being social very much but if you get to really know her and become her friend, She will talk a lot. Luna is loyal and caring to her friends and family. When not with her friends she is sneaky and will lie to get what she thinks is right. Like how K.O. transforms into Turbo K.O., When she gets very sad or angry she will transform into Nightmare and will get a lot more powerful. When this happens she tries to isolate her self to get control over her anger. She is friends with Nightmare though and only tries to control herself in order not to hurt her friends.


  • Night vision Luna can see perfectly in darkness and can choose when to activate this ability (her eyes become black with white irises when she uses it).
  • Flight Luna can summon dark, shadowy wings from her back that alow her to fly.
  • Enhanced Reflexes/Speed: Luna is very fast and agile so she can dodge attacks easyily.
  • Spin Dash Luna can rapidly roll into a ball-like shape to attack enemies.
  • Invisiblity Luna can go almost completely invisible in very dark places.
  • Shadow controlling Luna can control darkness and shadows. She can use this to create an area of darkness where she can turn invisible.


  • K.O. and Luna both have a "dark" side to them because they are both twins.
  • Luna's name means "moon" which makes sense for her powers.
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