K.S.tonnie is the fusion of Steven, Connie and KO. It forms for the first time when Stevonnie merges with KO to fight the Boxman robots when the gems, Steven and Connie travel through time through Lion.


K.S.tonnie is a little taller than Enid and Rad, tan skin of KO, 4 eyes, 4 arms, lean belly with Steven's stone. Big, curly hair by Connie and Steven with a KO finish. She wears the red KO bandana, her gaiters, her work vest and the bracelets on 4-wrists, star sweater and Steven's shorts.


Putting together the 3 personalities of its components, K.S.tonnie is intelligent, friendly, determined and anxious. From K.O., K.S.tonnie is always ready to fight robots.


From Connie and Steven, K.S.tonnie is experienced in sword fighting. She is also graceful and agile

UNIQUE ABILITIES: As it has the stone of Steven, owns the shield of Rose Quartz and manages to invoke it when it wants.

His different sword with Stevonnie, is resplendent with the blue fireballs of K.O. and throwing fire at those who have contact with her, except K.Stonnie herself.K.S.tonnie also has the ability to float and fly.

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