Jethro is a very simple robot created by Lord Boxman. In the series, his first appearance was in Let's Be Friends as a cameo, but made his first major appearance in Jethro's All Yours. He is a common enemy in both OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo and OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes.

Physical Appearance

Jethro is a small robot with a blue cylinder figure as its base. It has two, triangular shaped wheels on both sides of its base that performs like an escalator, keeping the base afloat to not let it scratch to the ground. It also has a small compartment that shows its eyes. There is a white tube that sticks from the back of its head.


Jethros are speech-wise only capable of saying the phrase, "I am Jethro!" They do have the ability to express emotion, however, their range of emotion is much smaller than that of their siblings, primarily due to their small range of speech.

In the episode Stop Attacking the Plaza, Jethro showed to be very energetic and wild at the family dinner, by climbing all over the walls and ceiling.


  • Rolling: Using its treads, Jethro will keep rolling until it hits something. The direction they move in is controlled by a switch located inside their head compartments.

Mega Jethro

Mega Jethro

Mega Jethro.

Mega Jethro is a massive form of Jethro shown in the episode, Jethro's All Yours. It is shown to be incredibly durable, as it was not dented by a punch from Radicles. To defeat the Mega Jethro, K.O. and Rad had to climb through a port entrance located in the robot's eye and pull a lever inside its head to reverse its movement.

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