Physical Appearance

Jay has very short grey hair, blind-but he can see in dreams-blue eyes, and very pale skin like his siblings. He wears a grey vest that has a symbol of a blue cloud, and sneakers with white socks.


Jay is sometimes shy, and he usually stutters. He is also a bit snotty at times, usually yelling and snapping at people. He can also be judgmental of others, especially when the talk about him being blind. He can also be impatient with others.


  • Dream walking:Jay can walk into other peoples dreams. He can also feel other peoples emotions, read their thoughts and see in other peoples eyes. He usually does this stuff to K.O..
  • Teleportation:Jay can teleport were ever he wants to. If he concentrates, he can tell himself were to go.
  • Shapeshifting:Whenever he concentrates on his thoughts, he can turn into whatever he wants. In this form, he has the appearance of what he is, but with his grey hair and blue eyes, which he can see through, so he shapeshifts a lot, whether when he is startled or when he wants to.


  • His mother thinks him being blind was a curse.
  • His birthday, along with his brother and sister, is August 14.
  • He has 2 running gags, the first being him going into K.O.'s dreams only for K.O. to shoo him away, and the second being him popping up in random places.
  • His favorite song is "Attitude" by Crystal Kay.
  • He can speak Japanese, so he knows the lyrics to his favorite song.
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