Janette is one of baby the main characters in OK KO! Series.


Janette it's Half Vampire/Half Werewolf Girl Baby witch purple fur, one red one dark purple eyes, long curly dark blue hair, and tail with purple Pijama Dark purple Stars Dark Blue and Dark Red his purple pacifier 1 pigtail dark purple with dark red striped blouse vest with dark blue dress dark blue Shoes dark purple born blanket dark purple future wearing a long magenta dress, red shiny jewelry two sharp fangs and long dark nails. and shoes black

The Future As Vampirewolf Girl He has long hair and his Dark red cape and cotton bodysuit dark red and red shiny jewelry and his boots dark red and golden


Janette it's little Vampirewolf girl with lots it's Icky Boris and Enid younger sister Wihamena and Bernard's Daughter it's and friends of heroes

Abilities and Powers

Janette like any vampire, manages to turn into a bat,

  • Super strength: the Werewolf howls And Run


  • Jeanette It's as Baby
  • Janette's Species Half Vampire/Half Werewolf
  • Janette his Dark blue hair style mother
  • Janette's Nickname Jan
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