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Feebee is a new Boxmore bots & a supporting character on O.K. K.O. Let’s Be Heroes.

Physical Appearance

Feebee is a yellow and green robot with a static mouth and a wheel to move around. She has small vacuums on her palms and a large vacuum on her head, which are connected to tubing that also serve as Feebee's arms and torso. The tubing connects to a trash bag behind her wheel, which is neatly folded into a bow when empty.


Feebee can suck or blow things with the vacuums on her palms and her head. Her limbs can extent or retract to a certain length from the tubing in her design. This also accommodates for Feebee's storage mode, a setting Lord Boxman enjoys using when she begins to pester him about leaving or doing something different.


Energetic and a hard worker, Feebee is a little disappointed have a simple life of a maid for Lord Boxman. She is usually seen cleaning up Boxmore after the occasional explosion or food fight sabotage. Sometimes Feebee is known to spontaneously combust due to her boredom.

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