Ernesto is a robot created by Lord Boxman to help manage Boxmore.


They are so bureaucratic that they're unable to do anything without filling out the proper paperwork first. They have also never taken vacation days. Ernestos are usually seen chatting around the office cooler.

Physical Appearance

Ernestos are spherical purple robots with black and purple limbs, a black spherical head with a cycloptic eye, and a black tie paired with a matching top hat. Under the hat is a single spike. He also has very sharp, white fingers.


  • Office/Business-themed attacks: Ernestos are able to use attacks based on office work.
  • Ball form: Ernestos have the ability to roll around in a ball form. They enter this form by retracting their head and limbs.


  • Ernesto's voice actor Christopher Niosi also voices Neil, Pird, and Nick Army.
  • In Let's Be Friends, when K.O[[1]] was sneaking round Boxmore dressed as a robot and making beeping sounds, a pair of Ernestos asked each other "Should we be offended by that?" in reference to racial stereotypes and old depictions of sci-fi robots.
  • Ernesto was the second robot of Boxman's design to be introduced to the cast, after Darrell.
  • Ernesto is the only one out of all the Boxbots that calls Lord Boxman by his preferred name.
  • So far, the only time we've seen Ernesto in fighting action is at the end of Stop Attacking the Plaza when Boxman sent him out with the rest of his siblings.
  • Out of the four characters he voices, Chris has stated that Ernesto is his favorite. [1]
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