Danny is one of baby the main characters in OK KO! Series.


Danny she's baby his brown hair. pale green and his blue goggles square crystals blue pajamas with stars born blanket blue blue pacifier future T-shirt with orange and red stripes and she's dark blue pants Russian Lynx Faux Fur Leg Warmers red shoes blue sash band

The Future Laser Green Kappa Blast His modern costume takes on a green and black color scheme. It consists of a black tank top and a match black pair of pants, held together with a heavy-duty gray belt. The belt's buckle is blue and takes on an upside-down pentagonal shape. His shirt has a blue and green, 90-degree stripe going from the right side of the top of his shirt to his left waist. His pants also have a green stripe which wraps around his right leg. He also wears heavy-duty, gray fingerless dark blue and boots, each with two black stripes around the cuffs. His helmet consists of a green and blue cyclops visor attached to a gray shell that wraps around the top of his head. His helmet also has two points sticking up on either side, which is the shape of his hair.


Danny it's little Kappa Boy younger brother Dendy it's Pepelina and Pavel Son it's and friends of heroes


Danny Brother's Dendy It's Little Boy The Lakewood Good All the world


  • Dendy's Little Brother
  • Danny she's Kappa
  • Pepelina and Pavel's Son
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