Courtenay is one of the main characters in OK KO! Series. She is a Gar-Bodega employee and usually provides the shelves and scrubs the floor, in addition to training to be a great heroine.


Courtenay is physically similar to her older sister, Enid. His hair is purple and long at the end of his back, bound by a ponytail. Before returning to live with her parents after returning from her grandmothers house, she takes off her magic device that prevented her vampire teeth from appearing, so her vampire canine teeth appear. His clothes are a work uniform, with two transparent gloves from the back of the hands to the elbows. Wears black pants and sneakers.

Like Pixie Nature, she wears a pink top with a green leaf in the middle, a green skirt with a pink leaf in the middle. Around her arms, thin coiled vines and pink boots with decorated 2 roses and two little Marys in your hair.


Courtenay is a paranoid girl and is often distracted. Along with her older sister Enid is ashamed of her parents, very fond of helping others and is very passionate about all her qualities, her friends and mainly for K.O.

Abilities and Powers

Courtenay is not as strong as his friends and K.O. at first, but is very fearless, with time can stay on the same level as him.

Special Move: Courtenay can heal plants and everything related to nature that is injured or broken. In addition, it can make giant plants sprout from the ground to defend themselves, invoke animals to help them and extinguish fires by invoking leaves.

As a half-vampire, Courtenay can turn into a bat at any moment, a skill that Enid does not yet seem to have.


  • Courtenay was meant to be Enid's twin.
  • She is allergic to garlic.
  • Her voice actress, Erica Luttrell is the same voiceover as Sapphire and Padparadscha Sapphire, characters of Steven Universe.
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