Frankly, Copy Cat is the exact reason that Professor Venomous shouldn't experiment on random stray cats. After changing the stray's genetic code, Venomous attempted to get rid of what he saw as a failed experiment. Somehow, Copy Cat survived and was released into the world. Now he basically wanders around like he did when he was just some stray, causing trouble and messing with heroes and villains alike


Copy Cat, when not using his powers, looks like a house cat standing on it's hind legs with a simple brown hood on. Whenever he uses his abilities his outfit and fur color changes to mimic that of whom he's mimicking. (EG- Mimicking Rad would make his outfit into a bodega uniform and turn his fur the same shade of green as Rad's hair)


Copy Cat is only capable of saying simple, two or three word sentences.Usually these are lines from other characters repeated in immature, mocking tones. However, don't think that since he can't talk all that well that he's dumb. Since escaping he has evaded Professor Venomous for nearly two years.


Copy Cat's most useful skill is his ability to mimic the powers and abilities of any nearby super powered being. This ability does not work on Robots and he can only wield these abilities at half strength.


  • Copy Cat's highest stat is listed as "Annoying"
    • this is probably why his POW level's so low despite being surprisingly powerful
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