Chad Yamabuki is a young kappa. He attends Superhero Community College.

Physical Appearance

Chad is tall for a kappa, but a bit shorter than the average human of his age. He has green scaly skin, long clawed fingers and toes, and a short, turtle-like beak. His eyes and hair are black. He wears a maroon hat that covers up his head-pond.


Chad is extroverted and friendly to others, but slightly clueless in social situations. He can sometimes lose sight of other people's needs while he's focusing on his own.


Above-average speed: Chad's smaller size and history of playing sports have made him quick and agile.

Swimming proficiency: Being a kappa, Chad can do more than just swim fast and for long amounts of time. He can also swim very deep down, hold his breath for extended periods, and get around in rough water.


  • Chad decided to pursue becoming a hero after he first received a Pow Card. He moved from his childhood home on the West Coast to the Neutral Zone.
IMG 3396

Chad and his hat

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