Carrie Boxman is a fan fiction character for the Cartoon Network series, OK KO. She is the fictional daughter of Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous. Carrie was created by Tumblr artist, Gemtopia, with her signature at the bottom of all her art.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Carrie Boxman has light purple skin with patches of scales all over her body a lot like her father, Professor Venomous. She also has mint green hair like other father, Lord Boxman, with a black eye on the right and a blue eye on her left. Carrie was born without legs from the knee down and so she wears Boxmore Robotic Prosthetics.

Carrie, unlike her other siblings, doesn't like to fight heroes. In fact she is secretly a very kind hearted person who loves to try and help others as much as she can but isn't often trusted due to her families reputation. Carrie's robot suit is dark purple and her helmet is like a walkie-talkie. It has two round metal bulbs with one on each side of her head. Her right side picks up radio frequency and the left side transmits voice.

When Carrie isn't wearing her suit she wears a violet purple sweater with with red velvet skinny jeans that stop at her knees. From the knee down are her robotic legs and she usually wears her hair down or up in a bun. 

Back Story

Carrie's backstory starts in the bio lab of Professor Venomous and Lord Boxman. When Carrie was being born, her originally planned purpose was to be a high functioning weapon, created to use against P.O.I.N.T. With over a hundred different Glorbs flowing through her veins, Carrie was to be born a very powerful little girl. Sadly, Venomous and Boxman's dismay, Carrie had been born too early. She had been born with out legs from the knee down. Shortly after Carrie was born, Lord Boxman was determined to still make her as powerful as possible by creating her a set of robotic legs. As Carrie got older, Boxman built her a robot suit with all the average abilities of a Boxmore Robot. But of course thinking of Carrie as a symbol of his and Venomous's love and more than just a cyborg, Carrie was to be treated as such. Which meant protecting her, showing her how to be a true villain and only using her fighting skills when a true threat would arise. But even though Carrie is now a tween she's still treated like a baby, not just by her dads but by her siblings as well which she finds extremely annoying.


Carrie, even though counted as a double amputee, is still one of the most powerful people in the Plaza, outranking even Mr. Gar. Carrie's powers are the current one's listed below...

Boxman Family

Carrie's first design

  • Super Strength
  • Speed
  • Levitation
  • Telekinesis
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