Boomer is the newest member of the Boxmore robot line. He is a small, black, male robot with a green triangle on his chest and a baseball cap like design for his head. Despite being a 4.0 robot, Boomer is easy to destroy, with a power level of only -1. However this is mostly because he is designed to A. Defeat KO specifically, and B. Run into buildings and explode.

Yep, you heard that right, designed to EXPLODE! Interestingly enough, he legitimately enjoys the sensation of exploding. He is also more clever than you would think, setting traps for heroes and his siblings.


Boomer is a drastic contrast to honest and sweet KO. He's a prankster through and through who has no greater pleasure than to cause trouble.


Self Destruction

When using this power, Boomer runs into a group of heroes and detonates.

Missile Punch

Designed to be similar to KO's Power Fist, Boomer launches his fist as a Missile.

Bomb Jump

Boomer detonates a bomb underneath his feet and launches himself into the air.

Overclocked Boomer

Designed to counter TKO, Boomer over-clocks himself by absorbing a second Glorb.

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