• Génesis margarita

    Coming soon on Cartoon Network Nexus Crossover
    * K.O.
    * Garnet
    * Ben Tennyson
    * Raven

    Cast in English

    • K.O. voice as Courtenay Taylor
      * Garnet voice as Estelle
      * Ben and Raven voice as Tara Strong
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  • Kaio kincaid

    K.O wiki

    May 19, 2018 by Kaio kincaid

    K.O. (possible full name Kaio Kincaid) is the main protagonist of the OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes series. He fights those of Boxmore, along with Radicles and Enid. His employer is Mr. Gar, the owner of Lakewood Plaza Turbo. He also has a best friend and classmate named Dendy

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  • Technical Knock Out


    May 19, 2018 by Technical Knock Out

    K.Y (Possible full name Daio Keymari) is one of the main  protagonist of the O.K K.O! Let's be heroes series. He along with  K.O fights those of Boxmore, along with radicles and Enid. His employer is Mr. Gar, the owner of Lakewood Plaza Turbo. He loes to sit next to K.O and Dendy in class.

    K.D is a small medium height boy who has light brown skin with light brown eyes. He has long black and brown full headed dreads that are usually kept in pigtails but go down when in dark form. He is usually seen wearing a light red hoodie or sometimes a black hoodie that says yankees on it. He usually wears his black hoodie when he keeps his hair in pigtails. A lot of girls love to touch his hair especially when it's down. In the pilot he makes a quick  ca…

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  • Dani2021

    How about adding what Country/Homeland(or Planet) Our Characters were born and came from in their OC Template

    EX: Haymaker Might be from Idaho,USA

    Not Just for our Original Characters but for the Canon Characters too (I'm sure Joff the Shaolin Monk Homeland was Thailand.)

    Well What do you guys think? (P.s I'm not demaning you guys to add this to your characters. This is just an Suggestion)

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    I hate to be one to point this out but don't you guys think maybe other characters of the show should get some recognition? Not just on this wiki but on the show as well. So far the only two non-main heroes to have their own episodes were Joe Cuppa and Red Action.

    Others should get the chance too, don't you think? You know, like Mad Sam, Crinkly Wrinkly, Brandon, A Real Magic Skeleton, Pird, Punching Judy (especially), Bomberfan, Diving Belle, etc. What do you guys think? What do you think their possible stories could be all about?

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Over 100 pages!

    December 20, 2017 by Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Thanks everyone for editing the Wiki! We have achived over 100 pages! I know we will continue to grow! Thank you everyone so much!

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  • Chrismouse

    New OC Idea

    November 27, 2017 by Chrismouse

    So I had an idea for an OK KO oc and I want to see what you guys think.

    Their name is Meltdown, and they are a living candle who fights with hot wax. Meltdown is a very emotional person, and the fire on the candle wick on their head burns brighter when they are feeling a strong emotion (mostly when they get upset).

    The wick on Meltdown's head needs to keep burning all the time; if it is snuffed out Meltdown will be very weak and unable to reform their wax till it is lit again. Their body is constantly melting a bit because of the candle light, but they can shift their candle wax around so they don't waste away to nothing. Their candle wick grows back naturally, like hair, skin, or fingernails.

    I haven't decided on a level or gender for this c…

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    Discord Chat room

    November 7, 2017 by Xx1Nightmare1xx

    This is the offical discord chat room for this wiki page!!!

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  • RoxyRebecca

    Which role should I get? B-crat or admin?

    And which role should Nightmare1 get? B-crat or admin?

    Please vote.

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  • RoxyRebecca

    Since Nightmare1 failed the adoption request, do you think I should adopt the wiki?

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  • Xx1Nightmare1xx

    My admin request

    October 13, 2017 by Xx1Nightmare1xx

    in comment

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