Blitz's appearance is white and blue, though half of the blue on his face is white. His right eye is black with a red pupil, and he has bright pink cheeks. He has black chest hair and gray stars around both of his eyes.

Blitz has a star shape in his eyes, and Shoulder Armor.

Despite being a child robot, he has a deep and rough voice.


Blitz is a child-like robot. However, he also has a short temper, and he's considered the hooligan of the group. He is a noisy and mean bully. He enjoys rock music and playing his guitar, and occasionally shouts exaggarated high-pitched screams like a rockstar. He also apparently loves eating salmon and especially honey, which for some reason can make him go crazy.

He appears to be one of the more unintelligent Boxcubs. He doesn't pay attention when others are talking and will randomly spout incoherent nonsense, making him the main cause of conversations getting derailed. He occasionally messes up words or says things backwards, and loves to shout his catchphrase "Heck yeah!" He usually repeats things a lot whenever he gets excited over something.

Blitz is also most violent out of the siblings. He gets very excited about violence, claiming that it "turns him on". He also habitually bullies Bushy, even though they should be comrades, and seems to use any opportunity he gets to abuse him for the tiniest reasons or for no reason at all. It's said that this is the reason why Bushy has closed his heart.

Despite his general aggressiveness, he sometimes panics and shouts loudly and fearfully, like whenever his mother is angry or at one point when K.O. confronts him. He also seemed to panic and yelled for Rad, Enid and K.O. to wait when they ran away from his Exisal, seemingly not expecting that to happen. He also tells Twilight to shut up and threatens her with bullying when she calls him a dummy. All of this might imply that he is secretly insecure.


  • "I'm ticked! I gotta cool off by beatin' the heck out of Bushy!"
  • "Who you callin' Jabroni, Jabroni!?" 
  • "I'm a messenger from Boxmore from the depths of Boxmore, here to drag ya down to Boxmore!
  • "Yeah! Scream all you like, no one can hear you anyway!"
  • "You guys ready!? Let's do this!"
  • "You punks better brace yourselves!"
  • "Heck yeah! Get ready! Once the seal is broken, we'll be in the domain of the battle!"
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