"Think we'll have to resort to the static shock, DC?"- AC
AC is the second in command of the Thunder Gang and twin of DC


Like his brother, AC is slender, yet well built, while being slightly shorter. He has brown hair, green eyes, and a generally youthful appearance. He wears black pants, a red shirt with a silver lightning bolt on it, has a lightning bolt earring in his left ear, and wears a sleeveless jacket on top of the ensemble. He wears sunglasses with a green tint during day fights.




  • Static Electricity Manipulation An ability he shares with DC. The two store up energy just by being alive, which can be released as projectiles, a booster for brief flight, and a can also be used as a torture method. Increased motion will increase the charge of static energy.
  • Electrosense As with all of the Thunder Gang, AC can sense his compatriots position at any given time.
  • Increased Speed

Super Moves

  • Static Shock DC and AC use all of their static energy to fire a combined blast of electrical energy.
  • Storm Cage DC uses some static energy to trap his foes inside a cage of electricity. AC can do this too. only works in places with high conductivity, as otherwise the construct will not retain shape.

Alternate Forms

Full charge An ability shared by DC, AC, and Amp. The three, when fully charged will emit excess energy because their body cannot handle it. lack of control in this form can fry them. However, they gain an electric barrier around them at all times, flight, and exponentially increased speed.


  • He's named after Nikola Tesla's Alternating Current. This also fits as he is DC's twin.
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